PS3 Repair Guides available in both paperback and Kindle editions

PS3 Repair in paperback

I was looking through Amazon the other day and noticed that there is a paperback book out on PS3 repair called The Ultimate PS3(tm) Repair Guide . The price is $19.99 but it was reviewed favorably by 4 reviewers.

The description of the book does not give much detail. Just states that it is a complete and detailed repair guide for the PS3 and does not require the reader to have any kind of electronics background.

I know some of you enjoy getting a real book versus a pdf file or access to a membership site with videos when you are doing your PS3 repairs. If you are then please check out The Ultimate PS3(tm) Repair Guide.

PS3 Repair Guide for Kindle

If you don’t mind reading books in a little smaller format and want to save some money then check out the Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Repair Guide. This title is only $5.99 but only seems to cover a specific problem.  The description states that if you have the Yellow Light of Death then  This guide has over 40 steps to make it simple for anyone to take apart their PS3 without worries and repair it themselves instead of send it off and pay over $150 and with a wait time of up to 3 months. Every little detail that is possible is covered in this guide. If you are a prime member then this book is FREE.


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