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Wanted to let you know that I bought your guide almost 2 yrs ago.

I could never find the time to do the tray alignment repair - partially
because I figured it would be such a daunting and complicated task.

Finally this past long Thanksgiving weekend I did it.

Using the very exact AND easy to follow info in your guide I made the

It took 20 minutes - start to finish - the unit worked perfectly.
I am mad at myself that I did not make this repair 2 years ago it was so

Anyway - Great book - well worth the money and easy to follow...you don't
need to be an "Electronics Geek" to do these repairs - moms, grandpas etc
could do this stuff.



Good Morning...

It's a great morning for me and my child! I purchased your PS2 Repair Guide and followed the easy "English" in which it is written. The adjustments I made to my son's PS2 worked! It now is like a new PS2!

I purchased your guide with the thought that if this was another "fluke" it would only cost me $14.95 and I wouldn't have lost much should it not work. I researched the cost of repairs, shipping and time it would take the old fashioned way and figured it would not be worth the cost and time to send it to Sony. So...I took a chance...and what a wonderful surprise!

Your guide is so easy to follow, the instructions are easy to understand and the pictures were very helpful. Thanks again....I truly appreciate all the guide did for me!


I am always a skeptic when it comes to bying things with big promises. This manual that you are selling has proven me wrong. An hour and half later my boy's eyes were bright with joy becuase his PS 2 was now fully functional. Thanks so much for a great "How To".

Michael Ewing

Best money I ever spent! Your instructions were spot
on and really easy to follow. I had my ps2 running
after 15 min
! I was skeptical at first that it could
be this easy to fix it, but you proved me wrong.

Thank You

Mike Holfeltz

Another Success Story

I searched probably 10 different sites and chose this one not only for the depth of the guide, but because of the options of payment. I used paypal, received my download (which took less than 5 minutes with my 56k modem), printed the sections I needed, and had my playstation 2 working in a half of an hour. Read the guide, do what it says, and I believe you will get your problem fixed.

Debbie Hoffman

Hi i just wanted to let you know you are a blessing. I bought my new laser on ebay for 26.99. That is all it cost to make my playstation work again. Thank you so much for are your help. You are wonderful not everyone would have gone the extra step after the sale to help me. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You saved me a bundle.

Melissa Mitchem

Mr. Eastman,
Just wanted to let you know your repair guide is awsome!
I was able to repair our PS2 with great ease. Thanks for all your help!
Theresa George

Hey Mark Thank you and my kids thank you. The PS2 fell and the tray was jammed. I was able to fix it in about 10 minutes with your guide! Great instructions and pictures!
Mark and the Kids


I purchased the PS/2 Guide two hours ago. I came in last night after a couple of beers and knocked my PS/2 over. This morning I fired the console up, and the eject wasn't working. As the PS/2 was a present from my wife, I was devistated to see my playstation sick. I got a couple of quotes for repair ($50 dollars from a guy who normally fixed PC's to $120 dollars) and deceided to see if I could use your guide. It was easy to follow, fix and to re-assemble. My playstation is now working after spending 30mins with your guide. Thank you for saving me anywhere up to $100 !.

You can use the above in your testimonials

Richard Smith

Dear Mark,
I cannot thank you enough for developing this repair guide. I had a
PS2 from the first year they were available and it had developed the disc
read error problem (with the blue discs) that I understand has become very
common with the original models. I didn't want to spend the $120 to send it
out (for diagnostics not including the repair) as the price of a new system
has come down so much. In fact, I had already purchased a new unit but have
been holding on to my original one for the past year because I just couldn't
justify getting rid of it. I ordered your repair guide and within 2 days of
sending my money order I received the email download
. The download
instructions were very simple and I obtained the guide without any trouble
at all (and believe me, I am not a computer genius). I followed your step
by step instructions and set up my "repair area" (ie. kitchen table).
Within 1 hour (at most) I fixed the disc read error problem, cleaned the
dust out of the system and cleaned the laser. The system WORKS GREAT and I
no longer have the error problem . I now have a second working system which
is going to alliviate alot of arguments in the family over "who's turn it
is" to use the PS2. Once again, I cannot thank you enough and will recommed
your site to everyone I know.
Lynn Opalensky


I just wanted to thank you for the great advice
contained in your guide! I was a bit skeptical at
first, but I decided to take a chance that your manual
would not only save money, but time.

It worked really well. Our PS2 wouldn't load any game
discs at all, but by following the initial steps for
dealing with the problem, it was running great!

I'm thrilled. Thanks again for making your manual
available. It turned out to be just what I needed, and
was money well-spent.

Howard Whitman

Hi Mark:


The PS2 was dropped and the tray would not eject. Got your guide and in 15
minutes back in business.

My kid is going to be real happy. Can'thank you enough ! I would be
pleased to provide any references !


Dear Mark--

I don't have a lot of time for testimonials but have to say that the PS2
Repair Guide worked very well in helping me fix a "drawer not opening
after dropping the PS2" problem. Excellent product and very efficient
delivery system for the book as well. I hope I don't have to use the
manual again but it was a worthwhile investment compared to waiting for
weeks to get it fixed

John W.Campbell III

Dear Mark,

I'm compelled to write to you to thank you for helping me to repair my 8-year sons Playstation 2 using your excellent Guide.

My poor Daniel had recently spent all his Birthday and Christmas money on buying the latest game that he wanted (Simpson Hit and Run); this was the first time he has saved and bought a game entirely on his own, in the UK a PS2 game costs about £40 ! He was so proud of himself (and I of him), he had reached his first financial goal. Unfortunately he played it only once and then the PS2 stopped loading his new game (and all other games too), giving no indication what the problem was but made a few odd noises, quiet grinding and rubbing sounds. He was distraught and I really was sad for him.

I contacted a few places and the cost of repair was going to be very high, about £40 just to look at the unit! I was told it was probably the drive/laser that needed replacing so could cost another £70 on top. It looked as if a brand new one would be the best bet and I had resigned myself to buying a replacement!

As an afterthought I did a search using Google and your site was one of the first to appear with an offer of what seemed to me to be a "to good to be true" offer, fix it yourself and I quote from your website:

Did you know that there is a 95% chance that you could have your Playstation 2 problem solved today?

Being sceptical (a British trait maybe?) I thought long and hard, and read your site from start to finish several times. After a short time to think it over I was willing to take a chance and buy you book on-line immediately! Your offer seemed genuine and what did I have to loose, the cost of the book (£8 in the UK at the current exchange rates) was about what I had spent on telephone calls already. The whole transaction took about 5 minutes to complete and I had a copy of your book on my desktop! Excellent service…...

A quick flick thorough and it was obvious that the instructions were very clear and simple to follow. I collected the suggested tools and within another 5 minutes the cover was off the offending unit. Following your guidance it was surely disk slippage, so I (the following is paraphrased to protect contents of the guide) followed the steps in the book to fix that and then reassembled the unit for it's test run!

You helped this Dad become a hero! It worked perfectly and my Daniel happily played for the rest of the evening, and ever since, without the unit going wrong. FANTASTIC!

So from start to finish the whole process took less than an hour, only cost me only £8 and my son thinks I'm the cleverest Dad in the World !

Thank you from Andrew Whittle and Daniel too.


I, like many of your other customers, am incredibly greatful for your ps2 repair guide. My ps2 stopped playing dvd's(which I could live without that feature on the ps2), but then it had trouble playing my new video game(final fantasy X-2), which I've been waiting forever for. It would play my other games, but not always this one. So, eventually I got in the bad habit of beating it until it would work, moving the console from horizontal to vertical, anything to make it play my game. But that stuff soon stopped working(duh-). Then I started going online to see how much it would cost to send it away to get fixed. I dreaded doing so, but I was not about to buy a new one. Then I though about the VAST possibility of fixing it myself. I thought it impossible, but hey, there was no harm in looking. Your site was the first I saw and I looked into it. You gave me great confidence by just looking at the website that I had to try to fix it myself. Well, your guide was like building legos: every step listed, pictures for visual aid, and trouble shooting tips. It was so easy to follow. It wasn't even 15 minutes before I had the console put back together and then up and running with a dvd playing. Then putting my game in with no problems at all! I just wanted to say thanks a million; and I can't believe that I actually fixed it myself! I'm glad I took a chance with your guide and I'll be sure to let all of my friends with a ps2 know about your site!
truly greatful,
Candace McKay

I just want to say your guide is great. I had just packed up my PS2 to be shipped to sony. When I went on the internet to get sonys address I found your site.

I too was skeptical at first, but what the hell $4.95 was not so much to lose. So at 2am I paid by credit card and downloaded your guide. I took my time, by 3am

we were up and running. Badda Bing. Thanks again, Your guide is informative and easy to follow. Anyone can really do this.

Craig P Gonzales

I want to thank you. My PS2 was giving me disk read errors on all my games and my system was out of warrenty.the last time this happened I had to send it in for repairs and it was gone for two weeks.this time I was serching for a closer place to bring it when I saw your web site.14 bucks,I thought why not.I ordered it,down loaded it and in about 15 minuts I was playing again.even disks I thought were to scratched to play.It was easyer than I thought it would be and my kids think I'm a god.thanks again this guide rocks!

Peter Richardson

I just want to thank you so very much for making this playstation 2 guide
available. I downloaded the guide and fixed my playstation all in less than
30 minutes!
I had purchased a playstation 2 for my husband when they first
came out and that one quite working within months. Disk read error of
course! I was told how much it would cost to repair it so we just went out
and purchased another one. To no surprise at all this one had the same
problem. I was ready to throw the thing out the window when I decided to
look for help. Your website was the first I visited and the last! This is a
wonderful service
you are offering to people and the guide couldn't be
easier to follow!
Thank you so much for taking the time to put together
something so useful.

Trisha Golembiewski

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to thank you for releasing this guide.
My PS2 had been broken for a few months. I had started
getting disc read errors, and it gradually got worse
until it wouldn't read any discs at all. I had decided
that I would have to spend $120 to have Sony repair
it, or spend $180 to purchase another system
altogether. But with school, the impending holidays,
and just having paid for some very expensive repairs
on my car, spending $120-180 to have my system
replaced, or to buy a new one weren't really good
options for me, but I had made up my mind that I
really didn't have a choice.

I happened to be doing a search online for places that
do repairs in my area, and your website was the first
one that came up. I was a little skeptical at first,
but I decided that there was very little risk
involved. If it was a scam, or it just didn't work,
I'd only be out of $15. If it worked, I'd be able to
save a lot of money. So I ordered it, and I'm happy to
say that it worked out better than I could have hoped.
The instructions were very clear and detailed, and
there were pictures for every major step. I'm ok with
tools, even though I wouldn't come close to
considering myself an expert. I was expecting it to be
very difficult to fix, but I was amazed at how simple
it was
. I had virtually every item you mentioned
laying around the house. I only had to make one $3
purchase at Target, and I was able to fix my PS2 in
about 90 minutes
(I probably could have fixed it much
faster, but I was working much slower than I really
needed to just to make sure I did it right). I fixed
it about a month ago, but I decided to wait and see if
any problems came up before I contacted you. But I can
honestly say that I haven't had a single problem since
. It's working better than it had been in a long

I just wanted to thank you again for making a
releasing this guide. You saved me a LOT of money (it
would have cost me about $20 just to ship my PS2), and
it was so simple to do that I think my mom could have
fixed it if she wanted to

Thanks again,

Michael Hurt

I had already taken my Playstation 2 into the shop to get fixed, and it cost
me $40. It worked for a while, then it stopped doing the same thing again. I
started searching for different places to have it fixed again, and I cam upon
your website. I was skeptical at first, but figured that it was worth a
chance to cheaply fix my Playstation. I tried the results, and immediately it
started working
. And it was very easy to follow the steps. This guide is a
lifesaver for anyone that is having problems with their Playstation 2, and I
would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much for making this availible!!!

Jerrod Colpo

Dear Mark,
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your wonderful
do-it-yourself guide
for the PS2. I am a "mom" who is not really into
"technical" things, but used your guide to fix our Playstation 2 in less
than 10 minutes
! It was the same problem I had previously taken it to a
repair shop for and paid $70.00 to have it repaired 3 months ago (the disc
tray would not open)! Your guide saved me big time and was so easy to
. In fact, it took me longer to remove all the screws than it did to
fix the machine! Thanks again!

Andrea Holt

Thank you so much for offering your service guide. You probably saved be a bundle of cash and I can't believe how easy it was to fix the problem. And thank you for your quick responses to my Emails. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
Thanks again
Craig Huey

My PS2 was making a loud jamming noise and I didn't want to spend $100+ to fix it, so I purchased your guide. My friends and I joked that I had roughly about a 4% chance of fixing The PS2, but about an hour after I picked your repair guide I fixed the problem. your repair guide was extremely explicit and couldn't have been more helpful. Thanks for the help.

Lex Evriviades
Boston, MA

By the way the product is great. My playstation would not play anything CDs, games, dvds, nothing would work, all disc read errors. I used the procedures that you include in the repair guides and my playstation works better than the day I got it (I bought it used). Thanks a lot for the guide, it is a huge money and time saver...
Lance Townley

I purchased your PS2 guide on the internet. I was extremely happy with my
. My PS2 had stopped reading all discs and was making terrible
grinding noises. I just followed your guide and had it working like new in
well under an hour
. Thanks for a great and affordable resource.

Craig Paulus
Anchorage, Alaska

What's Up Mark

This playstation 2 Manual is a great work!!! I purchased but I waited 2 weeks before I actually applied the information in the manual My playstation 2 suffered a "Disc Read Error" for 1year it's been like this it wouldn't read none of my games,dvds or cds.I was kind of reluctant to apply this information thinking that it would be a lengthy process, so I finally cleaned of my desk and applied the technices perscribed in the manual and "Bame" I fixed the problem It played all my games cds and dvds I'm very much satisfied with this manual and I got more than my money's worth with this manual.

Thanks to You

As with many, I am sure, I too was a little skeptical about the quality of the PS2 repair guide. I decided to give it a try anyway as I could not see paying Sony $120.00 to Fix My son's Console. I tried several of the suggested fixes with no luck. I was disappointed at this point but decided to try some of the other fixes and finally I got to the repair of making some minor adjustments and the PS2 began working again! I did not even have to get drastic and do anything to the laser itself. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the very inexpensive help and to encourage others to give the book a try and don't give up after just a few of the remedies as I almost did, but be patient and try each repair until you get the one you need. It worked for me and saved me a lot of money to fix something that ANYONE that can read and follow directions can do.

Thanks again,
Robert Butler

Well I bet your on Sony's most hated list... I can honestly say that I've never sent a follow up email on any other product, but I was so ecstatic. I just finished fixing my kid's PS2, it took me about 20 minutes and cost under $10. The instructions were so easy to follow even for someone who is NOT mechanically inclined. My boys will think Im the smartest mom around even if I am, according to them, "living in the 60's"! I was very skeptical and even a bit fearful to download your product. Its hard to spring for something you can't hold in your hands, but everything went as you said and you made it easier with some downloading help. Thanks so much Tina Tucker.

Dear Mr. Eastman,
Thank you for your well written guide. I quickly and easily fixed my PS2 which has been a plague for months. After 6 months, Disk Read Errors became habit for my console. My DVD's would not play at all. I followed your guide (thanks for including part # of ......) and now the console plays like it was brand new. Truly a professional job.

J. Silas Bailey

I found your site on the internet after being severely bummed out that my PS2 starting giving me Disc Read Errors. I was sure I was in for a $100+ repair from Sony, so when I found your site I decided to take a chance. After a quick trip to radio shack for the supplies you recommend in the guide, I followed the repair guide and in less than 20 mins I had my playstation working as good as new.

The guide was easy to follow and lots of diagrams for us technically impaired. A GREAT BIG THANKS

Mark Pierce
Owner - DJ's Unlimited

Right on Guys!!!!!!

I want to thank you for your excellent technical resource guide. Without
it, I would have been out at least another $179...I simply refuse to buy
refurbished equipment...to buy a new Playstation 2 console for my kids.

Boy was I totally dismayed at first. After trying your first simple
"fixes" for a disk read error without success, I used your guide to
disassemble the console (which was super easy with your instructions) to
inspect the inside of the unit. When I could easily see that the drive
spindle attempted to start, but abruptly stopped, I thought this console
was a total goner. I went ahead and removed the top over the drive unit
anyway to clean the laser (per your instructions). I was then totally
astonished to find a 16" long single strand of human hair wrapped around
the CD drive unit. Quite frankly, it was quite difficult to remove it
without breaking it, but I was successful. After removing it, I went ahead
and cleaned the laser with the cotton swab and then powered the unit back
up. It appeared to be working OK, so I put it back together. It now seems
to be working even better and faster than before.

I don't normally respond to this kind of stuff, but I am now quite
convinced that a significant number of Playstation 2 "repairs" may be
nothing more than something similar to this. Your guide to disassembling
the console were extremely helpful and quite easy to follow. Without your
guide, I never would have attempted this type of electronic surgery
. The
results speak for themselves.

Alex Kish

Hey Mark!
Here's a little letter of thanks to do whatever you want with. Hopefully you will post it and convince some other skeptics (as I was), to invest the money for your Playstation 2 Repair Manual.
I had bought my boys their PS2 and we had accumulated quite a few games for it. We started having problems with a few games at a time getting the dreaded Disc Read Error! It eventually got to where we were only able to play ONE of the games that we had. I had been around town and found out that very few shops would work on them, and the ones that would work on it were going to charge anywhere from $90 - $160, and that was with no guarantee's! It would have cost $120 plus shipping & handling to send it to the manufacturer. After considering the options, I was going to just buy a new system instead of paying that much to have one worked on.
That's when I ran into your auction on ebay selling the PS2 manual that claimed it could help me fix the game myself. I was very skeptical at first, but I figured why not try the $14.95 before shelling out over $200 for a new game. Let me tell you....it was the best choice I made! Once I received your manual and got the time to sit down and work on the PS2 I had the thing taken apart, completely cleaned, repaired and put back together within a matter of 2 hours! The step-by-step instructions along with the pictures were terrific! The boys plugged it in and fired it up, and it works just like brand new and it plays everything that we have for it!

Thanks again, from me and the boys!
Billy Wray

This guide is the BEST!!! Its so easy to use. I had my PS2 Disk Read Error fixed in less than 10 minutes. I was just about to buy a brand new PS2 when i came across this guide. I couldn't believe how fast and easy i got it fixed!!! Thank you so much. You should seriously think about selling guide books at radio shack or something. Thanks alot.

-John G.

Hi Mark,
Just to let you know that the PS2 did not work and could not read the discs. However after reading your repair guide and following the instructions it now works. The amount of dust and crap that had accummulated on the legs of the lazer and the eye was the culprit. The instructions were clear and concise, with clear diagrams of what you should be looking at.

Many thanks, worth the 15 $.


K eith Weston.(United Kingdom).

I recently purchased your guide. I am, 17 years old, so my mother's name was used for the purchase. I would like to say your guide helped VERY much. Before purchasing the Playstation 2 Repair Guide, I could barely get my PS2 to read any games at all, afterwards, I was able to disassemble it without fear of causing irreparable damage, fix the Disc Read error problem and reassemble it with confidence. Now I don't have to worry about saving up $100 or more so I can have Sony fix a little problem. Thank you again SO much for writing this guide, I'm going to tell everyone I know who has a PS2 about it.

-Ryou L.

Hi Mark,
Well I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I had disc error messages that continued to get worse over time until it got to the point that we had to restart the PS2 over and over again to get it to work, and eventually that didn't work either. Then, I did a search on Google and found your guide. I did what you said to in the guide and, son-of-a-bleep, it worked. It's continued to work beautifully ever since. The games load now without even hitting the browser in the start-up.

Way to go!!!

Thanks again, great work!

We just wanted to say Thank You for your guide. It worked perfectly. We would never have chanced opening
this system without something to go by.You sure know your stuff, Larry F.


downloaded the playstation2 repair manual this afternoon. add in $2.50
for a ..... at RadioShack and my sons PS2 is back to working
perfectly. beats $120.00 to $200.00 for repair or replacement any day.
excellent work..

Jeff B.
Portsmouth Va.

Dear Mr. Eastman,
I bought your guide last night and follow the steps on how to fix my son's PS2. I have to thank you for getting this guide out there, you made my 11 year old son very happy. It really works!

I just used your guide and I have only one thing to say.....I LOVE YOU MAN! I was just about to buy a new PS2 yesterday from the mall! Now my PS2 is working again and its all thanks to your guide. Great product. Super easy to use!

My boyfriend has fixed it and we are playing games we haven't been able to
play. Thank you so much for your help, your guide was great!!.... Sherri K.

Thanks for the guide, my son's PS2 was getting Disk Read errors that became progressively worse over time. To the point where the PS2 couldn't read any disks at all. I made the repair using your guide and the PS2 is working again. - Rich J.

thanks for putting out this manual. You saved me over a hundred dollars!- Jorge C.

Hey Mark, thank you very much for helping me fix my PS2. I fixed it within 2
. Again, thank you very much!

- Manny G.

I must admit, I was rather skeptical when I first read about your guide. I took the plunge and.....am very satisfied!! $20 to fix your PS2 AWESOME! Thanks again - your guide is worth every penny


I just purchased your PS2 Repair Guide last night and today my dad and I fixed our disc read error problems using your guide. Your guide is very informative and to the point. I like how it doesn't beat around the bush. Thank You

Jim H. PA

Thank you so much for the valuable information. I purchased the PS2 Repair Guide and in 30 minutes, I went from NOT having any game load (DVD's loaded just fine) to EVERY Playstation Game that I own load without a problem. I would have originally just went out and bought a new console, not knowing about this. You saved me $180.00!

Thanks Again,

Craig L., Phx, AZ

Hi, my name is Jorge R******. I recently purchased the repair guide and decided to try it out on
Saturday. My PS2 was working fine until about 3 weeks ago when all of a sudden it wouldn't read any games or DVD's. I already had heard stories about this being a common problem on PS2. I was told by Sony that they can fix it for $150.00 but that was to expensive for me.

I went to askjeeves.com on how can I go about getting my PS2 to work. I saw your advertisement and decided to give it a try. I must admit, when I first got it, I didn't think it would be that simple since Sony was charging $150.00 to fix this. On, Saturday, I followed every step to fix the disc read errors problem and I am happy to say that it worked perfectly fine. The only real trouble was taking out some of the small screws. The rest was fast, simple and very effective. After everything was done. I turned my playstation on and it worked like new. I just wanted to let you know this because it's not every day when you come across someone who knows what they are doing, but does not get recognition for their work.

Your guide helped me solve my problem and answered alot of my questions. Most of my friends have been experiencing alot of the same problems I have and are asking me to fix their PS2. I informed them about your guide and asked to please order it from you directly since I don't want you to feel like I am trying to steal something from you. The procedures are simple, but if I can avoid staying out of the heart of a $200.00 machine, I will. Sorry that the message is long, but I wanted to share my experience with someone who would understand the quality of having a satisfied customer. Once again, Thank You.

Jorge R.


It is 2 AM and I am dancing a jig because I fixed my PS2 using your guide. I started on it at about 1:15 AM and took it really slow. Probably could have had it done in 20 minutes.

My daughter and her boyfriend had gotten a new PS2 because this one kept getting read errors. I offered to buy this older one from them and they agreed, but I made them throw in an older version of one of their games. Paid $35. total. (So basically I got the machine for free) By the time I got the machine, it wouldn't play any discs at all. So, since I am not afraid of getting under the hood of things, I decided to search the web for a solution. Of course, SONY was Zero Help.

Well, I found your site, and after reading the trial manual, I ran for my credit card, and the rest is history. I could not rest until I had sent you an email along with my gratitude for such a clear and succinct guide. I did the ... trick and the ..... all at the same time, figuring I would cover all bases.

I will be recommending this guide to any owner of PS2. Or on second thought, maybe I will just start a repair service and keep this wonderful guide to myself !!!!!!

A million thanks,

Sharon S. ( A 44 year old techie )

I just wanted to thankyou for Emailing me my copy of the PS2 repair guide. ... I fixed my PS2 with a $3.00 fix from wal-mart. I wish I had found your guide before I spent $30.00 for a dvd repair kit.
Thanks again

Michael M.

I just want to say what a great experience it was doing business with you. First Mark's prompt return of the double payment I made by my own ignorance. His quick recognition of the error and his prompt action taken was actually what let me know I had made the error. Then I let the time limit expire for downloading the manual. Mark again (not mentioning my ignorance even then ) took care of the problem and kindly lead me through the download process.
Then the greatest feat of all time happened! With the use of your Playstation 2 Repair Guide, I proceeded to attempt the repair of my son's game system. The instructions were so simple ( I didn't even know how to open the case) that after two attempts to fix the problem, Matt's (my son) secret other life was restarted and his Playstation was taking him on another adventure.
Thanks to all involved for a job well done. Even the manager of my electronic store was impressed that their chain was named and the proper item numbers were provided for the inexpensive part needed
to make the repairs.

P.S. The only reason I didn't succeed on the first repair effort is because I figured if one .... would do the job, that 2 would be twice as good ( Again the ignorance thing--It's a curse).
Thanks Again.
Steve C.


Mark, I am a 39 year old mother of a very happy 11 year old who now has a working ps2 again! I was able to fix it after downloading and using your super-easy repair manual. If I can do this, anybody can! Thanks so much! Lorna in Louisiana

Well the ps2 repair guide worked. Thanks to you and your guide I am playing my ps2 on a regular basis just as I was before. It took only 10 or 15 minutes and I was playing in no time. This guide was a tremendous help. Thanks for everything!!!

Tristan L.

I would just like to say your PS2 repair guide was Awesome!!! It was very easy to understand the instructions and took me 5 minutes to adjust what needed to be adjusted and boom everything worked fine. I was about to sell my CD-ROM games because they didn't work, but now it boots up nice and fast, I even made the DVD's boot up much faster. It was also a good guide for preventive maintenance on my PS2. I cleaned everything and lubed up parts and now its even runs smoother Thanks again for saving me time and stress.


It’s been a while since I purchased your PS2 repair guide and I’m only now getting around to giving you some feedback – I guess I’ve been too busy playing video games now that I have a working PS2! I was very skeptical about your guide, but it was totally worth the price; I had my PS2 working within minutes!

Also, I have to thank Bill S., who has a testimonial on your website and offered his email address for an outside opinion on the guide. I asked him about his experience and his reply made me even more eager to try it.


Jeff S.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for saving me tons of money. I bought my PS 2 two years ago and about six months ago it started saying Disc Read Error on only certain games that I would play. Yesterday, 8/17/03 it completely stopped reading everything. I gave up and was just going to buy a whole new system but something was telling me to check out some websites. The first site I go to is yours and about an hour later I AM PLAYING MY PS 2 AGAIN. THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I think everyone should give your product a try. I am only 22 and a girl so I had doubts that I would not be able to do this by myself. Your procedures were so simple and well instructed that I had no trouble at all and I actually had fun doing it and my PS2 is like brand new.

Darcie F.


Thanks a lot, your guide had the solution to my DISC READ ERROR problems. At first I was ready to shell out over $100 to get it fixed or even $200 for a brand new console. Then I saw your repair guide and hoped it would be worth the money. I read thru your guide after buying it and in under an hour I had fixed the problem myself and was back playing games! Thanks again, I feel so much better knowing that I will be able to repair any future PS2 problems myself if I have to. I can't believe Sony would charge so much money for a simple repair.-Regards, K. Akrami



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