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Making the decision to purchase the repair guide and doing the repair yourself versus sending it to a repair shop can be tough. We have put together a little chart to help you.

Prices listed are conservative estimates based on prices found on the internet.

Cost to send PS2 Console In - $10-$15 Don't need to send it in - $0.00
Cost of minor repair $30-$80 One time cost of $3.95
Total time for repair 3 days - 1 month 20 minutes - 24 hours
Cost for return shipping - $10-$15 No cost-$0.00
Total - $50-$110 plus 3 day to 1 month turnaround Total-$3.95 with 20 minute to 24 hour fix
Cost if your console breaks again- $50-$110 plus time $0.00 with 20 minute to 24 hour fix

Looking at the chart above we think the choice is easy. Not only do you save money on your PS2 repair, you save time. Even if your repair cost from someone else was $0.00 the guide will save you, because shipping will cost you $20.00-$30.00 plus the time waiting on your console to be repaired.

Read this testimonial we just received from satisfied customer. It describes this point to a tee.

Yes you may use me as a testimonial. This is a guide alot of people should get. The simplicity of fixing these machines is amazing, as long as you have a step by step guide. I can't believe how much the Sony people want to fix these machines, and how short of a time, and easy it takes to fix them yourself. It seems like a big rip off to me to send it to Sony and have them keep it forever, and then you pay for the shipping and the charges to fix it. Seriously you are the KING! Thank you again. It has been 3 days since I fixed their machine, and they have ran it non stop since then, and still NO PROBLEMS what so ever.

Please if you are reading this testimonial - know that this is not a scam, it seriously is the easiest manual to use, and it WORKS like a charm.


We hope this helps illustrate the true benefit of buying this guide. Click Here to be returned to the main page.



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