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Looking for a cheap PS2 system?


Why not buy a broken PS2 from a friend or on Ebay and use the PS2 Repair guide to fix it? You can buy the PS2 Repair Guide for $9.95 and a broken PS2 for $50 or $60. Most of the time you won't even need to buy parts.

You might even want to get into buying broken ones and fixing them up and selling them for profit. Let your friends know that you can fix theirs, and charge them a fee. You could become the neighborhood hero.

The PS2 Repair Guide will tell you how to buy on Ebay if you don't know already. All you need to do is ask questions before you buy. What questions you ask? Well it's really just one. Ask the seller if the warranty sticker on the console is still intact. If it is then you have a real good chance that the console can be easily fixed, especially if it is just a disc read error.

Wait! It gets even better. If you buy the console and get it home and can't fix it yourself. Guess What? You can sell it back on Ebay and probably get what you paid for it minus shipping. So your out of pocket cost would only be $10 or so.

Odds are though that you will be able to fix it and have yourself a very cheap PS2 machine to play on. You can do this as many times as you want. It doesn't get much better than this. So if your ready to get started jump on over to the PS2 Repair Guide Order page and get your guide today.



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