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  Does your PS2 need repair?

Did you know that there is a 95% chance that you could have your Playstation 2 problem solved today?

Are you frustrated that you spent hundreds of dollars on the gaming worlds top rated console and are already having problems with it?

If your Playstation 2 console is experiencing any of the symptoms listed below then you can buy this special PS2 repair guide that will help you get your problems fixed FAST.

IMPORTANT-THIS BOOK DOES NOT COVER MODEL SCPH-7000* SERIES CONSOLES (check model before ordering)- this is the slimline model

  • CD TRAY WON'T OPEN -after dropping

Don't pay $120.00 to fix your problem. Invest in this PROVEN and POWERFUL PS2 repair guide and FIX IT YOURSELF! - Check out this recent email!

GREAT MANUAL!!!!!!! Can't believe I was going to pay 120.00 to send it away. Much better off buying your manual. Fixed my problem in less than ten minutes and running perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! well worth the money!!! thank you. -Wesley R.


This one just came in this weekend...this is one of the best testimonials I've seen in awhile proving that anyone can do it.

FYI, my son (12 years old) was looking through the manual tonight and was able to fix his PS2! He WAS thrilled. He was yelling "Thanks, Mark!" and I thought I would let you know how your manual helped him. He also said that the manual was easy to
understand and follow. Thank you for your help.

Chikako W. 12-04-2004

See What I mean - How exciting is that?

Here is what's in the manual:

ps2 repair
  • New Troubleshooting Section to point you in the right direction
  • BRAND NEW VERSION- You will be amazed
  • Fix Disc Read Errors
  • Fix Power Supply problems
  • Adjust the laser voltage
  • Fix Blue Discs not playing problems
  • CD tray won't open - after being dropped
  • Fix PS2 when it makes grinding noises
  • Remove DVD parental password
  • Replace power/eject ribbon cable (Ver 4 and higher)
  • Replace a bad laser assembly
  • Determining your PS2 version
  • What to do if your problem can't easily be fixed
  • Simple fixes anybody can do
  • Step by step instructions
  • Lots of photos to guide you
  • Small price to pay for BIG results
  • BONUS SECTION-Where to get cheap PS2 Games and a whole lot more!

GET RID OF YOUR AGGRAVATION! Get BIG results for a small price. With this guide there is a 95% chance you will have your Playstation 2 working TODAY! Even if this guide can't help you fix your Playstation 2 it will teach you how to get a working one for less- A LOT LESS than the $120 you would have to pay elsewhere, AND that's INCLUDING the price of this guide. You have nothing to lose! You WILL have a working Playstation 2 console when your done with this guide-GUARANTEED!

Most Playstation 2 problems are easy to fix if you know how. This manual will show you exactly how to fix them. It's quick and simple. Full step by step instructions with pictures are included. ANYONE CAN DO IT!-Read what others are saying!
I was skeptical about this manual before I tried it. I recently acquired a ps2 from a friend who said it didn't work. I purchased your manual and it is now working just like new. I also repaired my son's ps2 that was having the same disc read error problem. I would like to thank you for saving me $220.00. I was going to send both machines to sony for repairs until I found your manual. Thank you so much. This manual is a must have for ps2 owners even if your machine is working fine. Thanks again Mark.

John Aldridge
Reston Virginia

Just wanted to let you know that I was, honest to God, on my way to buy a new PS2 until I saw your guide. My husband said not to waste my money on such BS but I don't listen :) I got this thing up and running again in less than a half hour. I don't have to tell you how much money I saved and I am now Queen for the day! Hehehehe! Thanks so much, I'm tickled pink!

Sarah Vargas
Hammond, Indiana

I bought a PS2 for my son last Christmas. It has been sitting (broken) on his shelf for the past eight months. Paying out an additional $120 to have it fixed was not in my budget. Less than an hour ago, I bought your manual through PayPal.com. Within the first three minutes after completing the order, I was able to download the manual that you sent through email. It took less than 20 minutes to fix my son's PS2! The look on his face was priceless! For the past 30 minutes, he has been playing his favorite game without any problems. Thank You!

To All Who Doubt This Works: Don't waste your money anywhere else! I am a single Mom who hasn't a clue how to fix ANYTHING, yet I was able to fix our PS2 within 20 minutes! The manual contains step-by-step instructions, including pictures, that you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand! The best part is that I can print the manual or save it to disc so that if something ever goes wrong again, I can fix it myself! IT WORKS....BUY IT!!!!!

Jennifer Roberts


Just want to thank you for the great manual. I have a weekend Video game exchange business at a large flea market. One of my customers brought in his PS2 stating that it would not read the Blue PS-2 games. Sure enough when I checked it out he was right. I told him that I would look at it and see if I could fix it.
I purchased your manual, followed your procedures under "disk read errors", and now his PS-2 can read blue as well as all the others! The greatest part was he was happy when I told him it would only cost him $40.00 for the repair. So after deducting your very reasonable price of $19.95 for the repair manual, I have already made a profit of $20.05! Now I am advertizing that I can repair PS-2 consoles!

By the way Mark, if you have any people that doubt what you say about the effectiveness of your manual, feel free to have them contact me. I am looking forward to purchasing more of your products in the near future. In the meantime, you can be assured that you MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF ME!

Bill Spickerman
Gamester's Haven
Bossier City, Louisiana

(Please feel free to contact Bill if you want to. He was nice enough to volunteer to answer emails from anyone who needs a second opinion.)


Another added benefit to owning this guide is that YOU have the power to fix your problems. YOU are not at the mercy of someone else's time constraints. If you send your console in for repair, not only will you pay more, it may take weeks before you get it back. If your console breaks 4 months later you will have to go through the same thing again:( This guide eliminates all of that and puts the POWER in your hands. You can have your console working the same day it breaks!

ATTENTION- 04-20-06 SONY Announced a price drop to $129.00 on PS2 consoles. Using a repair service has become less economical than it once was. Self repair or purchasing a new console are really your ONLY two choices. Why not see if you can repair the console yourself before running out to buy a new one?

Click Here for a comparison of using the guide versus sending it in for repair

You HAVE to spend some money to get it fixed anyway right? - Why not see if you can get by with just spending $3.95. It's the first logical choice to getting your problems solved. It very well may be the only choice you'll have to make!

Some of you might say, "I can find repair information for free on the internet, why should I pay for your book?" - It is true that you can find some information on the internet for free, but ask yourself how much is your time worth? You could spend hours searching and reading message forums looking for answers to your problems. Then, if you do find some information that may help you, how do you know it is valid information? The simple truth is, YOU DON'T. For only $3.95 you won't have to waste your time searching or worrying about the information that you will get. This book has time tested proven results that have already helped thousands of people all over the world, and it can help you too.

ARE YOU STILL SKEPTICAL?- Sure you are, who wouldn't be? Almost every testimonial we get starts off by saying how skeptical they were before buying the product. It's really hard to believe that this actually will work for you. Maybe you've been burned before by some fly-by-night outfit or had some other bad experience that prevents you from believing that you could get something this great for such a small price. DON'T BE - IT REALLY IS TRUE . By the way, Powerful Guides has been selling the Powerful PS2 Repair Guide since December 2002. We are not going anywhere.

Please take a moment to read through all of our published testimonials and let others convince you that this really works. By reading these testimonials you will see that at one point they were where you are right now, feeling the same way you are, but then decided to take the plunge. See what they have to say! Click Here to read more testimonials!

Take a moment to see that this book is actually a published book and is available for sale on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com . If this was a scam, then why would we go to the trouble of having the book published, and why would a publisher back it up?

Last but certainly not least is that we stand behind our product. We work with you after the purchase to work out any problems you have. We do not want to just take your money and run. We support you along the way. Got a question before buying or want to see if we will respond please use the email link to send us an email and ask us a legitimate question. You will get a response! (P.S.- We will not respond to questions unrelated to this website, or our company)

Buy Now and the download instructions will be emailed to you within 24 hours. In a short time you can be working on your Playstation 2, get it fixed, and start playing those games you love again. Don't Wait-Order it Now! You will be glad you did

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PS2 Repair Guide




Download instructions will be emailed to the email address used to make payment within 24 hours.


Powerful PS2 Repair Guide- softcover book

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