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What Everyone is Saying About the Littermaid Repair Manual: With this many satisfied customers you can't go wrong...Get your copy today.

Incredible!! I downloaded your littermaid repair manual, read the chapter that applied, went to my LM unit, and, as directed used my hand and some electronic contact cleaner. Poof -- the unit started right up again. Thank you so much!!!

Gary H. May 2, 2008

You have my sincere apologies! I am on my third littermaid cat box, the last purchased about 2 weeks ago. It worked 6 days before stopping. I found your littermaid repair manual while surfing for solutions but was somewhat skeptical having been burned when purchasing some other items on the internet which did not turn out to be as advertised.

In fact, withing 10 minutes of starting the guide my littermaid was working again. The very first item, the "track reverse" switch was stuck. A quick nudge and it works fine. I just wish I hadn't gotten rid of my last one because I suspect it may have had the same problem.

For the second time in 6 weeks the Littermaid repair manual has saved me a bundle. This time my unit kept cycling without stopping in the home position. Yep, somehow the rake arm had come out of alignment. A couple minutes of gentle persuasion and all is well. Thanks again!!!


April 20, 2008

Well worth the $12 I spent.


March 2, 2008

I fixed my litter box within 5 mins, It was easy! Excellent littermaid repair manual. Thanks

Thank you Thank you Thank you.....Today you saved me the drudgery of replacing my LitterMaid. The waiting for a new replacement and having to scoop again. Your littermaid repair manual was well worth the price. I'm glad I took the plunge and got one. More people should come to you. I will recommend you highly. I'm sure I will be back to you when I need replacement parts. Again, many many thanks.

My husband, our cat, and i thank you!

I LOVE YOU!!! I had just gotten my LitterMaid 3 weeks ago and was about to go get a new one since I knew I had broken mine. your littermaid repair manual was absolutely the most helpful thing I have gotten yet. I had 1 tiny piece of litter stuck in the contacts by the receptacle. Thank You so much. Cheryl

It was the best money I have ever spent. Thanks to you my LitterMaid is working great again. If a little old lady, 67 years young, in Arkansas can fix it from your instructions anybody can. Thank you Agnes

5 min & problem fixed which included reading the book...GREAT!!!!!! TY TY TY A+

Great Product - Repaired mine in less than 5 minutes THANK YOU!!!

Book emailed quickly. Fixed the LitterMaid in 10 minutes without tools!!! A++++

I bought your Littermaid repair manual in July and had it handy when the pan decided to break on Christmas morning. I pulled your book out and within 15 minutes had the litter pan back in working order. I don't know who was happier....me or my cats!! I just wanted to thank you for writing the book. If I didn't have the book I would have chucked the pan and bought another one!

5 minutes after I got the manual, I fixed my LitterMaid! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Very helpful...thanks a million..or should I say $149!!! saved me a bunch of $

A++++++ best repair book for LitterMaid stuff that I found (and the only one)

Awesome, unit fixed in 5 minutes...money well spent

Well worth the money. A 30 second fix. Great product with great pictures. A++++

Great product!!! 5 minutes after receiving, the box is working again. Saved $150.

Fantastic Littermaid Repair Manual! Gave specific instructions, I fixed in less than 5 minutes!

In 20 min. I fixed my Littermaid! Saved $130 by buying your $10 manual! Thanks!!

I'm ecstatic! Your book showed me how to fix it in 5 min! You saved me big $$$$

It's the best $10 I spent this month

By far, THE most professional pleasure to do business with on this site.

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In less than 5 minutes I saved $100.

Absolutely great product. I fixed my litter box in less than 5 minutes!!!!

Great manual, my husband had the littermaid fixed in about 30 seconds after referring to your manual. Thanks

Amazing book- anyone who owns a LitterMaid needs this! Fixed problem in 2 min!!

Excellent book, don't buy a new LitterMaid, buy this book! A+++++

This guy just saved me about $70 -- fixed the box in 10 minutes - Thanks!!

OMG this guy is a freaking genius!30 sec from read time to fixed! Saved a ton! Tks

I am impressed with your wealth of knowledge! You are quite smart to share your knowledge with all the Littermaid world. You have found the best way to help the most persons in the most places at a very reasonable cost. Compared to the cost of replacement of the unit, your info is priceless! Thank you so much for coming to our rescue. Feel free to use this in your promotional ads on ebay or elsewhere. I want people to know you have a quality product here!

Thanks for the manual I fixed it in 10 minutes I was about to buy a new one!!!!

Thanks to this information, I have just competed the repair on my Littermaid. It is no longer such a mystery to me and I am eternally grateful for your research and detailed instructions. I will hold on to the information for future use. Thanks especially for the details about the little springs popping out as they definately did. I went back to ebay to find another Littermaid when mine failed and found your book offer. It was well worth it.

Everyone who owns a Littermaid MUST buy this manual!!!!!!

Excellent product, read the book checked my problem fixed in 12 minutes A+

You'd be Crazy to own a Littermaid and NOT buy this Manual! A+++

Highly recommended, this is WELL worth the money and then some! Thanks again!

This is great! I almost spent over $100 too soon. Book saved me $89.95 thanks !!!

WOW, this is a must have manual to ANYONE who owns a LitterMaid. 2 thumbs up!!!!

Brilliant!!! The book was mailed in 2 minutes & the box fixed 5 minutes later!

Great Manual, a must for every owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful book...paid off in 10 minutes. Great seller, quick, easy, and painless

Truly did his homework, wealth of knowledge, this book will save me a bundle

GREAT manual --- MORE than paid for itself already!!!

Great, got my litter box going with no problems, saved big $$$$$$

Very happy with the manual, and quick delivery too!!!

awesone book. Saved me trouble and hassle with great tips!!

The low investment saved me buying a new litter box. It works

Received ebook right away and seller answered additional questions for me

I am very satisfied with the Parts and Manual. Saved me at least $150.. thanks!!

excellent book,- LitterMaid repaired in 5 mins

Great manual, illustrated w/color pics, good fixes. Rcvd w/in 20 minutes of buy.

I had my book within 10 minutes of payment! What a wonderful thing to find.!

Thank You, Very Useful Manual.

Book has great pictures and easy to follow instructions.

Great manual.

Excellent book. Thanks so much.

Save a lot of money and buy this manual!!!

EVERYONE should have this book!! Excellent! Thanks!

great manual, well written

I purchased the manual today. In about 20 minutes, I was able to fix the problem. I can now return the $160 replacement box I purchased prior to hearing about your fine work. Great job.

Wonderful book...paid off in 10 minutes. Great seller, quick, easy, and painless

Great Manual, Great Ebayer. Manual a must for every owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Book received in under 2 minutes! Clever man excellent idea definitely A++++++++

Brilliant!!! The book was mailed in 2 minutes & the box fixed 5 minutes later!

This is a really complete repair manual, should keep my LitterMaid going, thanks

I was getting ill thinking of putting out money for another LitterMaid. I have had this one for almost two years and cringing at the thought of replacing it. A lot of the stores here in my area won't carry them anymore because of the high returns. Chapter two saved my bacon!
Your book is really a life saver for me because I like to be able to fix as many things as I can. This litter pan is a necessity at my house...not a luxury!

WOW, this is a must have manual to ANYONE who owns a LitterMaid. 2 thumbs up!!!!

Chapter two...we are back in business!
I am sure you have heard what I am going to tell you many times already. Your repair manual on the Littermaid is the BEST!!! I have had that pan apart so many times! It would work for a bit... then quit. I was pricing new pans on the net this morning and I am so glad I came across your manual. I plan on reading thru it later on today....but the time being.....I am very relaxed in knowing I can really fix it myself. Bless your heart for writing and offering this manual...I really do appreciate having a copy of it now!!
Thanks again!

A+++++ all the way! Fantastic book....worth every penny plus! Thank you!!!!

Item delivered within minutes of payment. Great information. A+++

Fast delivery. Nice, thorough text & explanations. A pleasure doing business!

I am psyched!! I did a quick read, saw the page "light on, but rake does not move" read it, flicked the two switches a few times with my
finger, and it started working!! I am on my fourth Littermaid (all replaced under warranty until now), and every one has done the same
thing. I have talked on the phone to Littermaid many, many times, but never was told about the two switches. I just tossed an LM900 in the
trash last week. I still have two of them, so should be able to get them both working. Thank you very much for this invaluable tool!!!

Friendly Communications & Lightning Fast Shipment = RECOMMENDED 100% !!!!!

Instant reply! Looks like a great book! Thank you! Highly recommended!

SUPERFAST shipping, excellent item

Outstanding seller & eBook- very helpful, easy to understand, Highly Recommended

I just looked thru the eBook. All I can say is Wow! It is so detailed, and is written in such a manner it is easily understood, and sounds like you're speaking one-to-one. The pictures are excellent. Thank you for an excellent product.

immediate response, excellent manual, thanks a million!

What wonderful information. A true litter box lifesaver A+

The Seller is very helpful, the book is extensive

really nice item and a great price!

Your LitterMaid Repair Manual helped me greatly! Thank you!!!

Awesome! this is going to save me a lot of money! thanks for the fast response

My husband and I are so happy to have found this manual

fast service-great buy!

Thanks so very much, excellent manual, great service!

Good E-Book. Fast email. Good Info! Going to buy from again!

Definitely worth the money - fixed my box in a few minutes Thanks!

very quick shipping thanks++++

Received eBook within minutes of payment. Great seller!

WHOPPEE!!! It works!!! I thank you, my cats THANK YOU!!!!


The way to go! Great seller, great product! Thanks!

Repaired my LM today. Thanks a million for the great manual and the parts!

thanks for the manual it has been a life saver to my cat HA!HA! A++++++++++

received within minutes-- a great resource. Thanks much!

Extremely fast transaction!

Your a genius!!!!!!!!!! The first on your list was it.....Who would have guessed.......Worth much more than what I paid for it!!!!!!!! thanks again!!

Oh God bless you! LOL! You have no idea how glad I am to find this manual! I was able to fix the box within an hour (less time than it would have taken me to go buy a new one) with the easy directions. I had no idea this thing even came apart like that! It saved me a ton of time and money! Worth every penny! Thank you SOOO much!

Very nice, book was emailed to me within 10 min. Thanks

great book, lot of good info. Thank you Arrived fast

THANKS!!!!! Got instant after payment! fixed my problem in 30 sec!!! Amazing!

A must for every LitterMaid owner. Great product. Awesome seller Recommend A+

Item is well worth the money :)

Fixed box myself w/ manual in 1hr! Saved time & $$ from buying new box! THANKS!

Awesome!! I had the book within minutes, and it was exactly as described!

Fast response. Excellent manual. Thanks!

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