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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I did not receive an email with download instructions after paying for the ebook. How can I get my guide?

A. Goto http://www.powerfulguides.com/portal/download.php and login using your Paypal email address.

Q. I don't really know how to download and save a file to my desktop. Can you help me?

A. Please see our tutorial by clicking here

Q. I'm really having trouble opening the book to read. Can you give me a step by step on what I need to do to open and read your book?

A. Sure no problem. Follow the steps below.

  • Using the download link in the email instructions, download the book and save to your desktop.
    Once the file is on your desktop you will need to unzip it. If you have software that will unzip it for you already installed the file will display an icon. Windows XP zipped items will have a folder with a zipper on it. If you have Winzip installed the file will look like the picture to the right.
  • If you don't have any of the symbols described above you will need to download Winzip by clicking here. Once downloaded you will need to double-click and let it install. If you have Windows Vista you may need to install a program called 7 zip. Just do a search on Google for it to find a download.
  • To unzip it just right-click and select Extract All.( Winzip users select Extract To)An extraction wizard will run. When you get to the part about where you want to store the files click on BROWSE and select DESKTOP. If you are using winzip or some other program you may need to consult the help section, but it will be about the same as it is described here.
  • Once the extracted file is on your desktop you can double-click on it and then enter your email address when requested and validate the purchase.
  • The file should then open up using the built in reader.
  • If your email address does not work then please send an email to let us know. We can take care of it for you. the email link is listed on the left hand border of this page.

Q. When I click on the download link I get the error message 404:file not found. Now what should I do?

A. This is usually caused by the download link being broken. Sometimes the email will not highlight the link entirely so you cannot get to the file correctly. The download instructions tell you where the beginning and the end of the link is. If it is not highlighted correctly then just copy and paste the link into your browsers address bar and hit enter. That should start the download.

The link will start with http:// and then have stuff in here and end with the item number. For example PS2-TS . You can get the item number off your Paypal receipt. Just copy and paste from the http:// and end with the PS2-TS (or your item number) and then paste that into your browser address bar and hit enter.

Q. I'm trying to download with the MSN browser but it is not working correctly.

A. You need to use your Internet Explorer browser to goto the site and download. In some cases the MSN browser has caused problems depending on it's settings.

Q. How big is the Powerful PS2 Repair Guide?

A. The Powerful PS2 Repair Guide is 73 pages full of pictures and descriptions of the processes needed to fix your console. The file size is approximately 3.5 MB so it only takes a few minutes to download even with a dial-up connection.

Q. I forgot my DVD password, what should I do?

A. Download the FREE Trial of the Powerful Playstation 2 Repair Guide. There are instructions there to help you.

Q. I purchased the Xbox Repair Guide but don't seem to be able to use the print key. How can I print the guide?

A. You cannot print the Xbox Repair guide.

If you are still having trouble at this point then please send us an email telling us exactly what the error is that you are getting and when you are getting it. Please send an email by using the email link on this page.

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