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Preventing Problems With Your Playstation 2

Some things in life are taken for granted. We never know how important they are until it is too late, and they are gone. The Playstation 2 can be one of them...if you are not careful. It's never too late to get started, and by following a few simple steps you can increase your odds of playing your favorite PS2 game for a long time. Let's take a look.......


  • Be careful to not drop the console
  • Do not set the console on unstable surfaces or surfaces that are subject to vibration
  • Do not expose the console to high temperatures, or to areas with sudden temperature changes. If transporting in a car do not leave in the car with the windows rolled up.
  • Keep the console out of dusty or smoky environments. Dusk or smoke residue can build up on the internal components and cause a malfunction.
  • Do not place the console close to magnetic fields such as those caused by magnets, loudspeakers, or television sets.


  • Over time dust will accumulate may accumulate in the font and rear vents of the console. Check them from time to time when cleaning the house and remove the dust using a low-powered vacuum.


  • Since discs are being inserted directly into the console it is extremely important to make sure they are clean before doing so. Wipe them with a soft cloth from the center outwards.
  • Do not touch the disc surface when handling it. Hold it by the edges.
  • Store your discs in their cases when not being used. Stacking them or standing them without their case may cause warping.
  • Do not expose discs to a heat source, direct sunlight, or high humidity.


  • There are several opening used to properly ventilate the PS2 console while you are using it. Never cover the slots with any kind of material
  • Be careful where you place the console so that the slots are not blocked as well. They can be blocked by setting the console on a rug, sofa, bed or other similar surface.
  • Never place the console in a bookcase or other confined space unless you are sure there is proper ventilation


  • The console can be positioned either horizontally or vertically. Do not move the position of the console when the console is operating. Doing so may cause damage to the console.
  • When placing the console vertically make sure that the disc tray is in the top position and the controller ports are on the bottom. Use the vertical stand to make sure that the console is secure.

As you can see, it is not really all that hard to take proper care of your playstation 2 consoles. You will make sure that you will be playing games on it for a long time to come by doing so. However, if and when that time comes and problems do come up, don't rush right out and buy you a new one.

Just because the PS2 is not reading disc anymore or the CD tray will not open does not mean the console is doomed. There are many things that can be easily fixed by you and they are all covered in the Powerful Playstation 2 Repair Guide available for sale at the Powerful Guides website. For only $9.95 for the downloadable version or $19.95 for the softcover book version you can't go wrong. There is a free trial version available to give you an idea on what you will find inside before you make a purchase. (www.powerfulguides.com/ps2)


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