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Solving Playstation 2 Problems on a Budget

by Mark Eastman


The Playstation 2 is the most popular gaming console in the world currently. With 25 million sold in the US and 70 million sold worldwide there is a pretty good chance your family has one. Hopefully you haven’t had to deal with a broken one yet, but if it does break what are you going to do? Your kids are yelling "Mom/Dad we need our PS2 repaired. We can't play games anymore". You love your kids and you know how much they love playing the PS2, plus it keeps them occupied and out of trouble, so it is very important to you to have a working Playstation 2 in your house.

However, the electric bill is due, the house payment is coming up, or you can think of a number of other things that make it easy for you to justify not spending $129.00 right now on a new PS2. Still the problem persists, no Playstation 2 in the house. What else can you do? You have to spend the money and buy a new one right?

Not anymore…

Now, you can send your console off for repair or you can try to repair it yourself. Both of these choices can save you a lot of money versus buying a new one. Let’s take a closer look at your options and see which one is best for you.

  • First of all, make sure your console is not covered under warranty. If it is then make sure to call Sony and they will tell you how to send it in for warranty repair.
  • If it is not covered under warranty you may choose to send it to Sony for repair but there have been reports that they are charging $120 for repairs. You will need to check with them and get a quote on your repair before sending it in. The drawback here is that not only are the repair costs high, but the turnaround time is long. You probably won’t have your console back for a few weeks.
  • You can look for a local repair station. Ask the guy at the local video game exchange store if he knows where to get your playstation 2 repaired. If he does call and ask how much it will cost. These repair shops are usually much cheaper then Sony and you can get your console back a lot quicker too. The price range on these types of shops is in the $39-$59 dollar range plus parts. Turnaround time for these shops is usually about 3 business days. Reputation is one of the other issues to think about when dealing with a repair shop. Since part of the price for the repair is parts, and what parts you need for the repair won’t be determined until after they look at it, make sure you feel comfortable with the person or company you are dealing with. You will have to trust what they say about the parts that are needed to make the repair.
  • If you can’t find a repair shop locally you can search the internet for a repair shop. The cost is usually about the same as any other but you face the same obstacles of trust. Not only that, but you will have a little more cost and time involved because you will have to pay for postage both ways as well as wait for the console to be delivered to and returned from the repair shop. This can make the whole process take up to 2 weeks.
  • Last, but certainly not least is the option of doing it yourself. There are several guides online that can help you. You can usually find most of them by going to Google and searching for “ps2 repair”. Most Playstation 2 repairs can be fixed fairly easily even by someone with no technical knowledge or skills. The advantage of this method over the others mentioned is that most of the time you can have the Playstation 2 working again in a matter of hours. Not only that, but if something happens to it again you can fix it yourself without any additional expense. Here are some points to consider if you decide you would like to buy a repair guide and try the repair yourself.
    1. Price- Most of these books fall in the price range of $9.99 to $14.95. Cheaper doesn’t always make it better. With a tight price range like this price should be the least of your worries.
    2. See what is covered in the book- read the tables of contents or download a free trial if available
    3. Look at the file size- Some books being offered sound nice because they have video and other fancy things, but they are huge in size. If you have a dial-up connection it could take hours to download.
    4. Make sure the guide is compatible for your computer. If you have a Macintosh you might not be able to use the guide. See if you can buy a printed version.
    5. Make sure that the content of the book can be printed. You will need to print the pages out to take with you while working on your console. If it is a huge file with video presentation then that might make it hard to work on your PS2 away from your PC.
    6. Look for testimonials from previous customers. Contact them if there is an email address and see what they say about the book.

No matter which way you decide to go, there are ways to get the families Playstation 2 working again without breaking the family budget. You will have to decide which choice is best for you.
There is talk that Sony may be lowering the cost of the Playstation 2 console to around $129.00. ( This has happened as of 04-20-2006) If that happens then you might want to eliminate the possibility of the repair shop option and just go with the do-it-yourself repair guide, or buying a new one. Good Luck- Hope you are playing PS2 games again real soon.


Mark Eastman is the owner of Powerful Guides (www.powerfulguides.com/ps2) and the author of the book "Powerful Playstation 2 Repair Guide" which is available at his website or from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com


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