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A HIGHER MODEL NUMBER DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS A NEWER MODEL. The latest LM500 is about 2 years newer than the LM800. The LitterMaid model numbers can be very confusing and I believe this was done intentionally. This is a marketing tactic known as product differentiation. If you have ever purchased any type of major household appliance, you have encountered this tactic. Have you ever wondered how so many retailers can advertise that they have the lowest guaranteed price for any given item? Even though the item may appear to be the exact same one sold in another store, the model numbers will be different. With the LitterMaid boxes, just remember that there are two sizes, the standard and the Mega. The LM500, 520, 600, 600 Plus, 700, 750 and 800 are all the same size (about 16 inches wide and 24 inches long). The LM900, 920 and 950 are the same width as the others but they are 3 inches longer (about 27 inches without the ramp) to accommodate large cats and those who need a larger space. The LME5000 series and the LME9000 are the same width, but again the 9000 is 3 inches longer. Many of the sellers will try to convince you that the Mega (LM900 and LME9000 series) is for multiple cats and the standard size is for single cat households. I would like them to explain to me how this can be true when all the LitterMaids operate the same way and they all have the same motor. When a cat uses the box, he trips an infrared beam. Ten minutes after he leaves the box, the motor will start and the rake will move across the pan. Theoretically, if the box was not used more than once every ten minutes, any LitterMaid machine would handle an infinite number of cats. I know many people who use the standard sized box for 4 cats, so don't be fooled by this attempt to get you to purchase the large unit which will cost you a lot more. The large size is for large cats and those who need the extra space, that is it!

The different model numbers mainly have to do with whichever retailer is selling the LitterMaid and what items are included in the sale. The very early models had two large plastic screws inside the litter pan. The labeling on top of the unit says "LitterMaid" in black letters. The sides of the box are smooth, with no latches. This is the LM-1 model.

The next model to come along was called the "Advanced" or "Deluxe." Note the presence of side latches and the writing on the box that says "Newer, quieter motor," which still continues to be on the boxes as of today. I must say that I have taken a lot of LitterMaids apart and all of them have the same part number stamped on the motor no matter what the model number is on the box including the new LME Elite units.

The same general design continued through several model numbers including the 500, 600, 700, 750 and 800. The 500 and the 600 are the same thing except the 500 comes with four waste containers while the 600 comes with twelve. There was a 600a that included a Garfield food dish and a 600b that included a treatball. The 700 and the 750 are the same as the 500 except they have the word "plus" written on in red and different "bonus" items were inserted inside the retail box including catnip toys or carbon filters. The 800 is the same thing except it included a ramp that attaches to the front. The LM900 or Mega uses the same circuitry as the other models and is the same width. It is three inches longer than the standard models Most of the parts are interchangeable, however the motor/rake arm was slightly modified and is half inch wider. The 900 is on the right in this photo.

All the models used to be a solid gray but then they started adding "designer" colors. The smaller unit became the 600 Plus and included maybe a ramp or a carpet depending on who was selling them. After this, they started using the LM500 number again. The 500V included a vacation certificate.

They also have some with blue pans and waste compartment covers and the model number is 520 or 920. The 900 series has always included a ramp but then they inserted a tent into the package and sold this as the LM950. The 950 was only available on the LitterMaid website however, some eBay sellers will put the tent together with the LM900 and sell it as a 950. Also, some sellers have invented their own model numbers by combining the LitterMaid units with other items.

The units were sold for a time in Europe. The model numbers were LM100E and LM300E. While never having seen them, I would assume that the 100E is the standard size unit and the 300E is the same as the Mega except that these units came with an AC adapter that would work in Europe.

As of this writing, the newest LitterMaid models are the LME (Elite) series. The LME 5000 series is the smaller or standard size and the LME9000 is the larger or Mega size. The LME9250 is the same thing as the LME9000 except that the 9250 includes a "Kabana" cover that fits onto the top of the unit. The LME5500 is the same as the LME5000 except that the Kabana comes with the 5500. The LME (or Elite) models are a complete re-design but the waste containers and ramps will still fit on all models. The LMT100 tent will not fit on the LME Elite units. The Elite series LitterMaids come with a small ozone device to cut down on odor, a timer switch so that you can shut it down at night if the noise bothers you and the rake is now stainless steel instead of nylon. The rake is easier to remove for cleaning. Personally, I would not use the timer if it is not absolutely necessary. Cat deposits may build up and stick to the pan which would cause strain on the gears inside the motor/rake arm when the timer kicks in. The timer is also a clock so I guess you or your cat can use this to check the time. Now you will have one more clock to change when the power goes out and comes back on. ;-)

The LME9000 Elite Mega


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